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Youth Ambassador

Brief info

My name is Anton Riegger and I am 13 years old and I live in Chicago Illinois. I love being outside and really like water sports. As I went out into nature two years ago and first started to really look around I saw plastic everywhere. When I was walking in a forest or driving a boat there would always be plastic from a small bottle cap to a plastic bag that flew away 50 years ago, halfway around the world. At home we always made a lot of trash and then when I took notice of how much we actually produced I was astounded. Today we use metal water bottles instead of plastic water bottles, we have gotten rid of our plastic bags and replaced them with our own reusable bags. The most noticeable plastic type that is swimming in our ocean or just laying on the side of the road, or just got washed up on the beach there would always be plastic drinks. That is why I joined No Plastic Drinks.

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