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4/7/24  With the roof complete, doors and windows are installed and finishing touches are put in place.


Some bottles are left slightly exposed to add an interesting and ornate lattice pattern.


Installation of the roof is nearly complete.



As work continues on the roof, the work of Bottles2Bricks is completed.  Kellie and her staff send off Ahmed and Marius with a heartfelt thanks for a job well done. 


Roof installation.


Work commences on the interior walls which are constructed using preformed local stone.


Construction of the exterior walls is completed.  This completes the bottle portion of the project.

I’ll take One more bottle please!



During his off time, Ahmed connects with the local wildlife.  Rumor has it that all his fingers and toes are still intact.


Bottles2Bricks is not just about green buildings.  It is about creating hope, spreading joy, and caring for our beautiful planet.  These photos show the deep connections that our team is making with the local Maasai. 

No one can accuse Ahmed of being lazy.  Here he is helping to unload a container shipped from the US.  It includes critical supplies for running the school.

Here is a breathtaking view of nearby Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Ahmed teaches children in the O’Brien school about the dangers of plastic pollution. Before Ahmed gave his talk, they had no idea how harmful plastic is for the environment.


Interior walls of the reception house will be constructed using preformed stone which is more environmentally friendly than concrete. 


Work continues at a brisk pace.  In this photo, workers frame out windows, which will be installed in the coming days.

These close-ups show how the bottles are stacked.  String is used to secure the bottles in place.


The Maasai widows make quick work of bottle preparation.  In just a few short days, we have all the bottles we need to complete the reception house.


After our bottles are blessed by a priest, Kellie O’Brien lays the first bottle and work advances quickly. 


Maasai widows worked tirelessly to fill 1935 bottles in a single day, setting a new record for Bottles2Bricks.  Some of the widows were treated for blisters on their hands.  We send a huge thank you to these incredible ladies and acknowledge their amazing work ethic and tenacity. 


Ahmed and Marius, our Bottles2Bricks experts, fly to Tanzania, making an overnight stay in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — an exciting adventure for these fine young men.


Prior to our team’s arrival, work begins on the foundation for the reception house.  The foundation consists of a trench that is first filled with rocks then completed with concrete.