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My name is Joann Veger and I took the pledge.
I am from the beautiful island of Curacao (Dutch Caribbean )
I grew up near the ocean and was pretty much there Daily, my love for the ocean is big, from a young age I already saw the importance of taking care of it, having a fisherman grandfather we used to see a lot of plastic balls inside fishes stomach’s, or other plastic substance in the ocean itself, it was heartbreaking to see this, as I grew up moved to Florida I noticed how bad it was in bigger countries, this shouldn’t be like this, our duty here on this planet is to be the voice for those without a voice (animals, the ocean our nature!)

Together with my partners we opened up a yoga & organic juice bar, our focus is keeping it plastic free, we truly believe in protecting our environment, all our products are predominantly plant based from our togo containers to our cleaning supplies, our goal is for toMorrows future and setting examples for our children, so they can carry it on.

Hopefully live in a plastic free planet.
By doing so we start with one pledge at a time.


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