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The promise of a plastic-free ocean

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NoPlasticDrinks PLEDGE

I hereby pledge from this day forward to make a good faith effort to avoid drinks with plastic packaging.  That means no plastic bottles, cups, straws or lids. Whenever possible, I will choose aluminum, glass or paper. I will only use plastic when no other option is available.


If you want to make an even bigger impact, here are some things you can do
Latest Pledges
8,631 Dr. Jack Ebongue A. Akwa Ibom Nigeria Jun 14, 2022
8,630 Alexander S. Illinois United States May 16, 2022
8,629 Gretchen C. Florida United States May 15, 2022
8,628 Mr GETAHUN S. Addis Ababa Ethiopia May 15, 2022
8,627 Tiphaine J. Leicestershire United Kingdom May 09, 2022
8,626 Ms Sylvia N. Masaka Uganda May 05, 2022
8,625 nomahlubi m. Kwazulu-Natal South Africa May 03, 2022
8,624 Ms Nicky P. Essex United Kingdom May 01, 2022
8,623 Joyce P. North Carolina United States Apr 29, 2022
8,622 Verena T. Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany Apr 29, 2022
8,621 Mr Nicholas S. Ontario Canada Apr 26, 2022
8,620 Mr Brel Richie Z. Centre Cameroon Apr 16, 2022
8,619 Mr NTI MBONO J. Centre Cameroon Apr 12, 2022
8,618 Mrs Janice J. New York United States Apr 10, 2022
8,617 Hiral P. VA US Apr 04, 2022
8,616 Tracey S. NC US Apr 04, 2022
8,615 Lynn E. CA US Apr 03, 2022
8,614 Karen T. NY US Apr 03, 2022
8,613 Jessica L. CA US Apr 03, 2022
8,612 Maggie R. Indiana US Apr 03, 2022