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Bottle-Free Cameroon Contest

No Plastic Drinks is on a mission to eliminate plastic bottles that are littered throughout Cameroon, Africa. To this end, we are hosting a competition to collect ideas on repurposing plastic bottles and getting them out of the environment.  

Concepts can include businesses that accept plastic bottles as raw material to create useful products, or ways for citizens to collect plastic bottles and use them around the home or in the community.  Specifics of the competition are detailed below.



General Information:


  • The following prizes will be offered:

    • 1st Prize – $1000 USD

    • 2nd Prize – $500 USD

    • 3rd Price – $250 USD

  • Contest is open to any individual or team of individuals in the world.  


Concept Requirements:


  • Concept must allow the use of clean or dirty bottles

  • Concept must be environmentally friendly with little or no toxic emissions and minimal potential for micro plastic leakage to the environment.

  • Concept must be original, or an enhancement of an existing concept.  In the event of duplicate concepts, we will accept the first entry received.


Submission information:


  • Contest will be divided into two phases.  

    • Phase 1 – Brief description of your concept (deadline Dec 15, 2021)

Complete this Contest Entry Form to provide a basic overview of your concept.  Submissions will remain confidential until the completion of the contest.  Judges will evaluate the concept and notify you within 7 days if the concept qualifies for Phase 2.  In addition, judges may offer feedback to assist in the success of your concept. 


  • Phase 2 – Detailed concept (deadline Jan 15, 2022)

Complete this Final Submission Form to provide a detailed description of your concept.   You may submit any materials that communicate your concept, for example: text description (in English or French) sketches, photos, videos, etc.  If you experience any difficulties submitting your concept, please email [email protected] for assistance.


  • All team members must take the No Plastic Drinks pledge at

  • Individuals and teams may submit multiple concepts. 



  • No Plastic Drinks shall assemble a panel of judges to review the contest entries

  • Entries will be judged based on the following criteria

    • Originality

    • Creativity

    • Feasibility

    • Economic viability

  • Bonus points will be awarded to submissions that offer a proof of concept

  • Judges decisions are final

  • Contest winners will be announced on or before February 28, 2022.

Additional Information:

  • By submitting your entry to this contest, you are relinquishing the intellectual property rights for your concept and granting permission for No Plastic Drinks to implement and/or share your concept.  If you would like to collaborate with No Plastic Drinks to implement your concept, please email [email protected].

  • While this contest is targeted at cleaning the environment in Cameroon, the mission of No Plastic Drinks is to reduce plastic consumption.  To that end, we urge all contestants to consider using sustainable options whenever possible.

Final round contestants.